Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'm counting the hours...

For the weekend that is. All week I have felt a bit under the weather. I believe it was due to our really great party on Saturday, but it was in a big tent and it was really cold. But hey when you are drinking, you don't feel so cold... so now I got a cold! Last night I hardly got any sleep due to my coughing...
But the weekend isn't all I have a countdown for, in just 39 short days we are off to Singapore... I can't wait! So I think I will daydream my cold away, and look at some pictures from last years vacation...

Me and my husband having a "Singapore Sling" at Raffles Hotel, a must in Singapore.

My trying to make rice pancakes, with a little, okay a lot of help from the nice old lady! It's in South Vietnam.

One of our 500 pictures of Angkor Wat in Cambodia!

And last a few monkeys in the park in Singapore.

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Ahhhh take me with you! It looks amazing!
    I feel like so many people have been in a funk this week. I'm counting down the hours to the weekend too.

  2. Nice to meet you - thanks for visiting.
    Wish I was heading to nice warm weather in Asia too :-)
    I think its time I did another trip ......
    Cheers, Karen


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