Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Remember to stop and smell the roses...

According to the calendar today is the first day of summer, and with 22 degrees Celsius outside I believe summer is here!
After getting home from work I was sitting outside checking e-mails (so glad that the hubby insisted on getting sockets on the terrace), enjoying a cup of coffee and the sun burning on the skin.

The cats loved being outside in the nice weather, though I think the heat might have gotten to poor Gilbert, he was just sleeping...

Gustav on the other hand was lying on the wall, but not for too long, because then something moved in the grass and he was running after it.

He was running around the garden, enjoying that we were out there with him. Kept busy and needed to look at everything, but not too busy, he literally stopped to smell the roses (how cute is that?).

Hope you all are enjoying the beginning of summer.


  1. Your patio is gorgeous - a perfect place to spend a summer day!

  2. It doesn't feel like summer yet. I'm waiting (not very patiently) for it to arrive!

    Lovely patio. I like to check email and read blogs outdoors in the sunshine too!

  3. I wish summer would come to Washington! It's raining this whole week. :( But after this week it's supposed to be sunny for a while. I can't wait for that!

  4. what cute kitties! and you have grass and a patio! :) none of us in san francisco have that, so we all freak out when we see a yard. happy summer to you!


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