Monday, June 7, 2010

What is age really?

Remember how excited you were about you birthday when you were a kid? Back then getting older could only go too slow, if someone asked you how old you were, you answered 4½ or 5 3/4. Why don't we do this any longer? I think I'll start to do that again, so if someone asks in 3 months how old I am, my proud answer will be "I'm 31 and 3 months!"

Me and my "niece" at my 30th birthday last year!

Why is it that we aren't that proud of our age any longer, why don't we (okay I can only speak for myself), so why don't I get as excited about my birthday any longer... I figure it's like everything else you have done several times. Let's face it the first time you drove a car it was exciting, but after driving for 13 years, not so exciting any longer, the first time you go on a airplane, you are excited, after having travelled a bit, the plane ride it not so exciting, it's the destination. So I guess after having had 30 birthdays, the 31st not so exciting.

Though I wish I could get that excited about my birthday again, maybe I should try planning a bit more than work for my next birthday... I have plenty of time to do it!

A few years ago they started a project for retarded to get into the workplace at my work. One of the ladies one day came up to be, and said "You know what? It's my birthday on Thursday", she sounded really excited about it, and I congratulated her, asking her how old she turned, she very proudly told me "I'm turning 42"

I should probably learn a bit from her, so next year I promise I'll be excited about my birthday, and I'll try not to make it a 14 hour workday!


  1. I love this! We should all embrace the little milestones in our lives:)

  2. yes! a birthday is definitely something to celebrate. and the higher the number of years you've been alive should become more and more celebratory. because really, life is hard. so what will your dream birthday party be?


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