Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I have a confession...

I have a confession to make, I'm for sure not proud of it, but here it comes... I have become addicted to this season of the Danish "Paradise Hotel". I have never seen a whole season of it before, since I found it ridiculous and brain-dead. Let's face it, its still ridiculous and brain-dead, but these contestants just beat all others before them. Their comments are so incredibly stupid that I just have to laugh. There is especially this one girl, she is trying to use all these idioms, but haven't learned either the meaning of them or the idiom itself. When talking about one of the other girls she said "she is so stupid, and has to leave, that can only go to fast", hmm I thought something like that could only go to slow... when asked if it wasn't a bit early she had had sex after 3 days at the hotel, she answered "we are now in 2010, it would have been different in 2002 that was another season".

via www.tv3.dk

Anyways all these stupid comments have me glued to the TV every night at 22.00. I have never been addicted to a reality show like that before. Well I have watched pretty much every episode of survivor the last 10 seasons (didn't watch the 1st season, due to living in the USA at the time). But then again that show is on once a week, and not 4 nights a week. So I have a prayer for the TV station, that next year please don't cast such brain-dead people for Paradise Hotel! I can't keep spending 4 nights a week glued to the TV. Even worse... my husband have almost become as addicted as I have, I swear that he hates these reality shows more than anyone. But not this season... I guess that must be a success story for the TV station, but not for us.

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