Saturday, February 6, 2010

Danish Song Contest

Okay I'm a sucker for the Eurovision song contest, and even more for the Danish Song Contest, and its on right now:) So the next 2-3 hours will be spent in front of the TV watching the show. I'm super excited to hear the 10 songs, and filling out my ballot. I hate to admit that I pretty much forgot it was on tonight, otherwise I would have loved to make an event of it, especially with one of my very good friends who shares my interest for especially the old songs from the eighties. But I will be watching it by myself this year, well my husband is here as well, but trust me he won't be in the living room by the end of the show, by then he will have vanished to another room with his computer.

So far the first song is okay, but if its able to win the Eurovision in Oslo in May, I don't know, I don't even know if its able to win the Danish contest, have to wait a few hours and see... I will keep you posted.

the contestants of the Danish Song Contest via

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