Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Winter Olympics

Well the Winter Olympics is pretty much all that's on TV, but somehow it just haven't caught my interest as much as the Summer Olympics usually does. There could be several reasons, the main reason could be we only have 18 contestants from Denmark competing in 7 disciplines. Lets just face it Denmark are not good at the winter sports. Our biggest hope for a medal, I believe is the women's curling team, and they have lost 3 out of 4 games so far. Denmark has only got 1 medal ever in the Winter Olympics, and that was in Nagano in 1998, where the women's curling team won silver (they lost to Canada in the final). Before the Olympics in 1998 only few people in Denmark knew what curling was. But the women kept winning games, and people started getting up in the middle off the night to watch their games. That is probably another reason I'm not so caught up with the Winter Olympics, the time difference just don't go that well with me, and I can check the results online instead of watching the reruns during daytime.

The other morning on the morning show, they had a journalist showing Canadians pictures of different Danes, in order for them to point out the athlete. That didn't go well, they thought our Prime Minister, The Queen and the Crown Princess looked more athletic than our guy competing in Alpine skiing. So he figured if the Team in 2014 looked something like the pictures below, we might have a chance for medals...

That's our Prime Minister in the middle, and he should be our big hope? via

And the Queen on skis, she is turning 70 in April, doubt there is much luck there for a medal in 2014 via

The journalist had the next day bought a lot of Canadian gear and went to watch the hockey game between Canada and Sweden, and afterwards announced that he had converted, and had become Canadian... Go Canada:)

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