Sunday, February 7, 2010

And the winner is...

Well the show last night was quite good, but only 4 good songs in my opinion. The final 4 had 2 of my favourites in it, and they ended up in final 2 as well. But I still think Bryan Rice should have won, he came in number 2, his song "breathing" was really good, but I guess I can't always have it my way.

The winner was Chanée & N'evergreen with the song "In a moment like this". That song was good as well and more the style of the usual songs from the contests, and I think its a big plus that the guy is supposedly a big star in Russia, so hopefully that will give us some more votes in Oslo in May. Usually all the Eastern European countries vote for each other, and Alexander Rybak who won for Norway last year was born in Belarus, and they got a lot of votes from Eastern Europe. I didn't like that song too much, but it pays to have your connections:)

In my opinion all countries should have their viewers vote for the winner, some countries still select a jury to choose the best songs, and that way I don't believe you will find the song that most people like, so hopefully more countries will get the viewers to vote instead... then again maybe that should wait till next year, because now Denmark has a Russian superstar singing.

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