Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'm going to Berlin

Saturday night some friends came over, and we had a few glasses of wine, okay maybe a few bottles... but who says nothing good comes from drinking? We decided that the 4 of us would go to Berlin, Germany during Easter. Two years ago we went to Prague, Czech Republic during Easter with the same friends, and had a blast. The only reason we didn't go anywhere last Easter was because we just got married the week before Easter.

My husband and I have talked about going to Berlin for quite some years now, but just never got around to it, but hey its only like 600 km from Esbjerg to Berlin, so it will take about 6 hours to drive there. So we will be leaving early on Maundy Thursday, and have 3 nights in Berlin. I can't wait to see this...

The Brandenburger Gate

Or seeing the TV tower, maybe eating lunch at the top:)

And I can't wait to visit some of all the cafes and great restaurants in Berlin

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  1. OOO! That sounds SO exciting! I've always wanted to go to Germany. Someday...


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