Friday, February 26, 2010

My weekend started early

It Friday morning... okay its almost 11, but its morning for me. I slept in late, just because I could, and you know the best thing about it? Well the alarm went off at 5.15 at I didn't have to get up, I could just kick my husband out of bed, turnover and go back to sleep:)

I must have the best boss ever. Last week we were going through the work plans, and we needed someone to close the department yesterday, due to vacations. I figured I was about my time to take an extra shift, since the others have taken some extras and I haven't. So I offered to take an extra shift yesterday, and he offered that I could take today off instead, yeah... I was suppose to work from 7.30 till 16.00 yesterday, but stay till 21.00. So after working from 7.30-21.00 both Wednesday and Thursday I was a bit tired, so sleeping in was okay.

Now I'm going to try to bake these cool lemon cupcakes from The Red Deer, don't they just look delicious? Well they might not look so good after I give them a try, or they might even not taste that good, because I haven't been able to find almond meal anywhere, so I'm replacing that with regular flour... by now you probably know that I'm not a great cook, but these just looked so good that I had to give it at try.

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