Thursday, May 13, 2010

Another day off...

Again I have a day off... well more of less, I was at work this morning for a few hours to open the store. Today is a holiday so I just had to help the employees getting started and order some more plants. So I have the rest of the day off, and I don't even have to cook dinner, because we have been invited to my in laws for dinner.
a blue moon rose via

The down side is the weather, it's cloudy and have been raining, which it probably will do again. Another down side my husband is off work tomorrow as well, and I will be working 15 hours and then working 10 hours on Saturday, and a few hours Sunday... So today will be relaxing with coffee, a great book and maybe a movie.

Enjoy your weekend when you get there, I will be working:)


  1. Ahhh I hate when the hubs and I have opposite schedules. I'd much rather be hanging out with him!

    I hope you have a nice relaxing day off today though! It sounds like it will be. :)

  2. Coffee and relaxation sounds amazing! Enjoy your day!


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