Sunday, May 16, 2010

A cold and rainy Sunday!

What do you do on a cold and rainy Sunday like this one?

I went to work at 8.00 am for 1½ hour, then I went to the opening off a new pet store just next to my work. They had a lot off great opening offers. So we got a few bags of cheap cat food.

And I had finally convinced my hubby that Gustav's biggest wish was a cat tower, preferably with a hammock, but they are so expensive (Yep, I'm totally thinking Gustav tells me stuff he doesn't tell my husband). One off the opening offers was a cat tower and we bought it for Gustav.

My hubby always thought he wouldn't use it, but he was mistaken. He loves it, and this might be the best thing we ever got for him, well this and his toy bumble bee from Ikea.

So on a rainy Sunday I'm enjoying Gustav's fun with his tower. And keeping my fingers crossed for the rain to stop, because later we going to a soccer game. Our home team is playing the final game this season, and they have a chance of getting bronze medals. It's only the second time the new stadium have been sold out, first time was for the opening a few years ago. I'm super excited.

Happy Sunday to you all.

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