Monday, May 24, 2010

Back from Sweden...

We just got back from Malmö, Sweden. We got the hubby's camera cleaned and had a wonderful and relaxing time in Malmö.

The weather was great, and the city wonderful. Both Saturday and Sunday night we sat outside the restaurants and ate our dinner.

"Lilla Torg" in Malmö with a lot of restaurants, bars and cafes.

We haven't done much, just relaxed, walked around the city, stopped different places for coffee or a beer. They have a lot of really nice coffee places in Malmö, pretty much one on every corner... just like the pizza places here in Esbjerg!

Statues of a marching band in the middle of the street

Yesterday we went to Lund to visit Camilla (my friend from my time as an Au Pair). I finally got to meet her wonderful son Theo, he was born last June, so he will be turning 1 soon. He was just really adorable, and the safari tractor with animals we had bought for him was a total success.

The wonderful Theo, thank God there isn't any sound on the pictures, because all you would hear was my ovaries ringing... I'm ready, but then again not ready:)

Well this post won't be much longer, even though it's been a relaxing weekend, the four hours drive back have made me really tired... Have a nice week.


  1. Wow it looks so beautiful there! And Theo is such a cutie! My little nephew has a toy just like that. :)

    Get some rest, friend! 4 hours in the car is no fun no matter how relaxed you are!

  2. What a dollface! And Sweden looks positively amazing!

  3. Glad you had such a nice break!

  4. Someday I will get there - Sweden looks to cool. nice site!
    Mr Monkey


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