Thursday, May 27, 2010

Could I please get an extra hour or two?

I can't believe how fast this week has gone by, and now I'm on the edge of stressing out over my long to do list.
I can almost cross out the tons of laundry and just as much ironing, the hubby mowed the lawn after dinner while I re-potted some plants. So all I need to get done by Saturday afternoon is clean the house, go grocery shopping, iron the table cloth and put away the laundry... oh and of course cook. Both our families are coming on Saturday to celebrate my birthday (though it isn't until next Friday, but I'll be working), but my sweet mama is going to bake a cake, so that won't be on my list. Though that just reminds me I need to get a belated mothers day gift and a early fathers day gift as well.

Hopefully I'll be able to leave work around 2 or 3 pm tomorrow, I will be meeting at 6 am so there is a chance. Because then I will have plenty of time to get the shopping done, and maybe some of the cleaning, before going out. We have been invited to dinner at some friends house, and that have been planned for ages, so I can't get myself to cancel it, as well as I couldn't get myself to cancel my first step class ever today. I had been signed up for the class for about 3 weeks, and was really close to cancelling, since I couldn't figure out how to get everything done. But I'm so glad I went, it was really fun, hard and sweaty... it looks so easy, so how come my feet can't follow the rest of the class? I guess I just need more practice. But after having attended the class I felt more energetic, which really was needed today. via
Housework done for today... Now I'm on the couch, with my laptop and coffee, so I'm going to catch up on all the blogs I haven't had time to read during the week.
Have a nice weekend if I don't get back before it starts:)


  1. Happy Early Birthday! I hope you can get everything you need to do done and are able to enjoy the long weekend with little stress!

  2. Seriously there is not enough time in this week to get everything done that I need done!!

    I hope you have a wonderful pre-birthday celebration!

  3. Busy can be good sometimes, right?! Hope you get to leave work early and have plenty of time to get everything done! Have a great weekend!!


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