Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The game...

On Sunday afternoon we went to watch the final soccer game of the season. Our team had a chance of getting bronze medals, they just had to win with one goal more than another team playing at the same time.

Here I am all ready to go, and ready to cheer for my favourite team. Go EfB!

Since it was the last game of the season, they had to announce the winner for player of the year. You have been able to vote for you favourite player online. One of the people who had voted for the number 1 player got to fly into the stadium in a helicopter and give the player flowers. The player of the year was Nikolaj Høgh.

The game started out good, we got 1 goal, we got 2 goals and we got 3 goals...
In the break the cheerleaders were dancing, hey let's face it, cheer leading isn't the most common thing in Denmark, so they are nowhere near the lakers girls:) But they do it for free, only get their uniform, and the practice twice a week, so you got to like them.
After the break, the opponents scored 1 goal, 2 goals and 3 goals... and of course that is not worth photographing... I still can't believe how you can throw away a 3 goals lead??? Well the game ended 3-3 and we didn't get any medals this year:(

So this was me after the game, not happy!

Hopefully they will get medals next year!


  1. It looks like so much fun!!!

  2. Oh bummer - I hate when that happens. It's amazing how emotional sports can be - even when you're not on the team or related to anyone on the team. It's still heartbreaking. Mabye next year's the year...


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