Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Granny's chocolate cobbler

Some of you might remember my last baking disaster, to say the least I'm not much of a baker, I blame my husband! By now you are probably thinking why blame him, well he isn't much of a cake eater (after 9 years together I still don't get it). But since he isn't eating cake I don't get to practice.
But my birthday is coming up in a few weeks, and next Saturday I have invited my parents, my brother and his girlfriend, my parents in law and my sister in law to dinner. Whenever we invite people over I see my chance of getting dessert (yep my hubby doesn't eat ice cream either). So the other night I was surfing online, and stumbled across this recipe.

I figured that was going to be my birthday dessert, but I wanted to try it out before the birthday dinner, just in case. So I tried it tonight, I only made half a portion, and after mixing the ingredients I didn't think it look like much. Though the finished result turned out to be a lot more than I thought midway through.
This was where I started to think that I wasn't going to serve this for my birthday. You have to pour water over the cake and not stir it... I had read somewhere that it would look weird, but you should definitely not stir... but come on... I kept hands and spoon to myself and didn't stir...
And this is how it turned out... not the best picture, but you could see the soft inside coming up in the edge and it looked really yummy...
I served it with a bit of vanilla ice cream. It was really great if I should say it myself, so this will be the dessert at my birthday dinner.

I give granny's chocolate cobbler 2 thumbs up... ask for my hubby it will be thumbs down, he tried a little bit (and that is a bit thing) and he didn't like it. So now I'm glad I only did a half portion.

Now I have figured out the dessert, now I just need to decide on the rest of the menu, but so far so good.


  1. Oh yum - anything chocolate is delicious in my book. It's probably a good thing your hubby doesn't love cake and ice cream - in our house this week we had chocolate cake, cookie cake, brownies with chocolate frosting, and chocolate mint cookies. Yeah - we are all around unhealthy. the sad part? The only thing left is one brownie and one square inch of cookie cake.

  2. YUM!!! that looks delicious!


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