Monday, May 3, 2010

What to choose?

I have a little problem, well you probably can't called it a problem, but I have 2 free tickets to the cinema, and they have to be used by Wednesday next week. I have invited a friend to come along next Tuesday, but there are no movies that we have been dying to see lately. So we have now narrowed it down to 2 choices, and let me tell there aren't many movies to choose from right now. If you take away the kids movies and the action movies, not much is left, so this is what we have to choose between.
1. The Joneses

2. Date Nightvia

I know some of you readers probably seen these movies ages ago, but living in Denmark you just have to wait a bit longer than everyone else to watch them. We might be leaning towards "The Joneses", I just can't help thinking David Duchovny is a little cute, he might have grown on me way back when the X-files were popular...

Have you seen any of these movies? Please let me know which one you would recommend.


  1. I haven't seen either, but I've heard only wonderful things about Date Night. So I vote for that one and I also vote that I go see it too.

  2. I haven't seen either but I've heard awesome things about Date Night so that would be my choice.

  3. Sorry, not gonna be too much help because I havent seen either but if I were to choose I'd go with the Joneses. I heard good things about Date Night but I'm completely infatuated with David Duchovny...he's such a hottie!

    Hope you have fun with whatever you decide to watch!

  4. I'd go with Date Night, it's suppose to be really funny. I've never heard of The Joneses though, so no idea what it might be like. I like Duchovny in X-Files but haven't liked any of his movies.


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